XIX Century Fortifications

Strategic starting point to discover the late 19th century military outpost.

  • South direction:

The Forte Centrale is a walk suitable for everyone: it is only a 20 minute walk from Le Marmotte. Take the paved road on the right which continues up to the Madonnina and Colle di Tenda. Many people go camping here in the summer.

Just above the Central Fort you will find the High Fort, which can be visited inside.

  • South-West direction:

On the road towards Casterino the Forte Margheria, 2.9 km away (50 minutes on foot).

On the path that leads to the Rocca dell’Abisso you will find Forte Pernante at 3.7 km (1h walk) and Forte Giaura, 7.5 km from Le Marmotte (2h walk). In this fort lives an old lonely ibex. Just below the Fort there is a small lake. Forte Giaura is the best place to stay overnight in a tent, to admire the stars and go and conquer the summit of the Rocca dell’Abisso!

  • South-East direction:

Forte Taburda, 3.7 km away (1h walk), can be reached by taking the off road to the left of Le Marmotte. The initial path runs along the Via del Sale but then branches off into a path indicated to the right.

Forte Pepino is the most distant, at 8.4 km (2.20 h walk) and is characteristic for its octagonal shape. Forte Taburda and Forte Pepino are connected by a path that also leads to Cima Beccorosso (2207 m).