L’Alta Via del Sale: the most beautiful gravelled road in Europe that will take you directly to the sea.

The Alta Via del Sale starting point, 3 km from us

The Nineteenth Century Forts: the military outposts built at the end of the 19th century.

The Napoleon’s Cave: on the road that leads to Le marmotte, for a quick visit…and to fill up your water bottle!

Lake Terrasole: to cool off and listen to good music….

Alpe di Papa Giovanni is an oasis of peace where you can relax while admiring the view. You will find the small church with the typical thatched roof just above Limonetto, continuing the road from the square of the Pernante chairlift. You can reach the Alp via the forest path behind the WonderFalls complex. On this trail you will also find the spectacular waterfall.

For the more trained, the Rocca dell’Abisso is a peak to be conquered and on clear days from the top you can see as far as the sea and … the isle of Corsica!

Rocca dell’Abisso Peak seen from Forte Pernante

Le Marmotte is located close to two national parks: the Mercantour and the Maritime Alps. In the French part you can visit the rock carvings of the Valley of Wonders and Monte Bego. Very soon (summer 2021) there will be guided excursions to these sites of historical and cultural interest.

Chalet le Marmotte can be reached on foot along the Roman road that connects Limone to Limonetto. In some sections of the Roman Road you can still admire the Roman cobblestones.

The entire municipal area is connected from the town center to the mountains thanks to an extensive and online (via QR codes) hiking system: Limone Turismo.

Curiosity: Le Marmotte is located on the Italian-French border: in front of our Chalet you will find the stones that mark the border.

Not far from Le Marmotte, from the top of Colle di Tenda, you can see the hairpin bends that made up the ancient mountain pass called Monte Cornio. In fact, the Colle di Tenda pass was inaugurated and opened to stagecoach traffic in 1882. Previously, the only connection between Piedmont, Liguria and France was this pass at 1871 meters above sea level.

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